Try Our Maplewood Pizza , A Culinary Masterpiece To Savor

Tapped Social House’s mouth-watering Maplewood pizza is to be noticed when looking for a memorable meal in the area. Pizza lovers are clamoring to get a slice of our culinary masterpiece.

Our pizza represents our dedication to high standards of food preparation. The base of this delicious treat is a thin and crisp crust topped with a generous helping of homemade tomato sauce and melty mozzarella.

The unconventional and locally-inspired toppings on our Maplewood pizza sets us apart from other versions of the classic. Sweet and savory sausage infused with maple syrup from a nearby farm tops this pizza, while smoky bacon and caramelized onions add lovely complexity. All the ingredients come together in perfect harmony with a touch of maple syrup, making the taste buds dance happily.

It is a revelation at every bite, an explosion of flavor that leaves diners wanting more. Our kitchen staff guarantees a delightful and satisfying best pizza in Missouri experience using only the freshest and finest ingredients, with customers returning for more.

In addition to our delicious foods, Tapped Social House is also notable for its warm and welcoming ambiance. With its homey, rustic decor, this dish is perfect for sharing with loved ones over good conversation and tasty food.
Our pizza is a cut above the rest of the options in Maplewood because of the skilled hands behind its preparation. Treat yourself to our culinary masterpiece the next time you are in Maplewood, and taste the unique blend of flavors that makes our Maplewood pizza an absolute must-try. Call us today to reserve a seat!

Enjoy The Best Pizza Maplewood At Tapped Social House

We are located in the middle of Maplewood, a culinary haven providing a unique dining experience centered on our signature pizza Maplewood MO. Tapped Social House is more than just a place to eat; it is also an excellent hangout for mingling with neighbors and friends over various handcrafted beers and delicious food.

Our pizza’s secret ingredient is the 6 Mile Bridge – Bavarian Hefeweizen used to make the pizza dough. The pizza is taken to new heights by this creative twist, which incorporates the robust flavors of the regional craft beer. Pizza lovers of all stripes can find a topping combination on the pizza Maplewood. Every pizza is a work of art, baked with love and care and featuring traditional ingredients or innovative twists.

Tapped Social House is a pizza joint in Maplewood that also serves several other dishes to go along with our extensive beer list. The menu is designed to provide a balanced dish, from appetizers to dessert.

If you are looking for the best pizza Maplewood, Tapped Social House is a must-try. Our restaurant has become well-known as a culinary gem because we carefully craft our dough and add unique toppings. Our place is a pizza haven, so if you are craving a taste of the good life, take a trip here, and you will surely be satisfied. Come and join us today!

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