Our Impeccable Service Makes Us Stand Out Among Maplewood Restaurants

Tapped Social House in Maplewood is the perfect example of a restaurant that stands out. Considered one of the best Maplewood restaurants, we have revolutionized local food and won the hearts of locals and tourists alike. We differ from other venues in our innovative concept, offering a blend of high-quality food, craft wine, and welcoming community. These elements create a warm, friendly, and perfect atmosphere for great food and good times with friends and family.

Tapped Social House’s originality stems from its ground-breaking beer-tasting system. Guests can try as little as 1 ounce of beer at a time, allowing them to try various styles and find a new favorite. Beer enthusiasts can now forge their path through the world of flavor and preference with the help of this tasting.

We also take pride in our commitment to the local community by sourcing most of our draft beer selection from breweries within driving distance. As one of the top restaurants in Maplewood Missouri, our commitment to the local community and working together is reflected in our promotion of independent artists, making it a standout among Maplewood’s dining options.

Our culinary selections add to the establishment’s one-of-a-kind character. The restaurant’s pizzas, both traditional and otherwise, feature unique flavor combinations and ingredients that are sure to please.

As we are a shining example of creativity and originality in a world where eating out has become routine for many. Our restaurant stands out from the crowd of Maplewood restaurants thanks to our innovative beer-tasting concept, dedication to local breweries, and exceptional cuisine. Tapped Social House, a haven of flavors and connections just waiting to be discovered, is the place to be if you are looking for an extraordinary culinary adventure in a warm and social setting. Come and pay us a visit!

One Of The Best Restaurants In Maplewood MO

Tapped Social House stands out among the many restaurants in Maplewood MO. Our charming establishment has quickly earned a reputation as a culinary gem in the city’s heart, becoming a favorite among locals and visitors.

At our restaurant, the experience exceeds that of a typical dining establishment. With a unique concept that combines craft beers, exceptional cuisine, and a welcoming social atmosphere, it creates an inviting environment where friends and family can create memories.

We are distinguished among Maplewood MO restaurants by our revolutionary approach to beer sampling. This tasting provides beer enthusiasts to embark on a personalized journey of taste and preference.

In addition to our exceptional craft beers, we offer unique non-traditional and traditional pizzas that surely satisfy the taste buds. Each dish is a culinary masterpiece, incorporating locally sourced ingredients and inventive flavor combinations that leave diners wanting more. The warm and inviting atmosphere makes our restaurant a popular location for gatherings and festivities. The rustic yet contemporary decor creates an inviting atmosphere where friends can relax, bond, and create lasting memories.

As for restaurants in Maplewood MO, Tapped Social House stands out for its unmatched beer tasting, exceptional food, and meet-and-greet atmosphere. If you want to try a dining experience that will leave a lasting impression, visit us.

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